Our Goal, 100 new monthly 89 Air Team members.

Thank you for prayerfully helping  K-LIFE reach over a million and a half people on the California coast!! 


Your gifts are helping us broadcast life-changing music and programming that draws listeners into a closer relationship with Jesus.

GIVE ONLINE: You can still donate online (Click to Donate) .

PHONE: You can also call us at 888-541-4343 to get more information or to arrange for a donation by phone.


Listener Donation Support


There’s a mission field all around us. A million and a half people live under the K-LIFE broadcast signal, but over a million never hear the music and programming that will change their lives. You can do something about that. You can equip this ministry to reach the California Coast with the Gospel. In addition to encouraging tens of thousand of believers in their walks with Christ, you can help bring K-LIFE to people who sample the life-changing music for the first time.

Here’s how you can help:

Join the K-LIFE 89 Air Team. More than 600 listeners are part of this important team. To have a healthy support base, K-LIFE needs over 1,000 Air Team members. We are a non-profit, listener-supported ministry, and your monthly support as an 89 Air Team member will help us carry out our mission effectively. Join the 89 Air Team or call us at 888-541-4343.


Make a special gift to K-LIFE. Our 89 Air Team does not provide all the support for this ministry. It takes hundreds of other listeners making single gifts throughout the year. This provides for immediate needs. Make your special gift or call us at 888-541-4343.

If you are a member of the K-LIFE 89 Air Team (our monthly support team) and you would like to change or cancel your pledge, it is important that you make the change by phone, rather than by e-mail. Please call Teresa at 888-541-4343.

Business Support

See how your business can support the ministry of K-LIFE

Here are other ways you can support K-LIFE:

  • Vehicle Donations. Another way listeners have contributed is by donating their vehicle, rather than selling it. We work with Mission Cars, a Christian non-profit organization that is designed to help churches, ministries and other community service organizations benefit from car donations. Mission handles all the details of receiving, advertising, selling, and doing the paperwork for the car, and when the transaction is complete they split the net proceeds with the organization you designate. Call 805/596-0258 or go to www.missioncars.com.
  • Estate Planning. Most people think that an estate gift can only be made after death. But there are options that can fit into your estate plan so your gift goes to work now for the cause of Christ ... and continues beyond your lifetime. Besides advancing the Gospel through K-LIFE, there are also some tax benefits. Options include gifts by assets, gifts by will, charitable trusts and more. See more details on our Estate Planning page.
  • Join our Street Team. This volunteer team helps K-LIFE at events and in the community in many different ways.
  • Pray for us. We are involved in an intense spiritual battle every day. Pray for our staff, for the reliability of our broadcast equipment, and for our listeners to be sensitive to the Gospel message.

Any one of these ways is important.

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 1561
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

You can call us at (888)541-4343

Thanks for your support!

— The K-LIFE Board and Staff Team