The FunD Begins Tuesday Morning

DONATE NOW or call 888-541-4343.   (As you can see, even Jeremy Camp is encouraging you to donate).

Thank you so much for your advance gift for Partnership Drive.  Many listeners are giving, even before we open the phone lines tomorrow morning at 6 am. 

Expect the unexpected this week.  Partnership Drive will be more than a fundraiser.  Why bore you when we can make it interesting?  We'll be givng away food, music, and other door prizes, like certificates to the Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference.  We'll also be having a contest for an iPad 2 from Mac Superstore (see below)

Watch live video from our studio, too.  And there are  other things planned that we can’t tell you yet.  Listen this week, and consider doing something now.  Make an advance gift towards our goals:

$2,500 per month
$25,000 in special gifts