Partnership Drive: Up Against a Daunting Deadline

DONATE NOW (or call 888-541-4343 when phone lines open at 6 am tomorrow).  It all ends at 9 am.

Watch us live from the studio at times throughout the Drive.   CLICK HERE.

Totals:  $1,008/month  ($2,500/month goal)
                  $14,788 special ($25,000 goal)

If you've been thinking about joining the 89 Air Team, now would be a strategic time.  We closed out Day 3 just minutes ago, with several new members putting us over $1,000 per month.  But that leaves $1,500 per month to go tomorrow morning.  Anuything you can do will help.

Thank you to the Christian fraternity Alpha Gamma Omega and Christian sorority Alpha Delta Chi for filling all the volunteer phone shifts today.  They are godly men and women and we are grateful for their service for the Lord.