Partnership Drive: Latest Report

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Watch us live from the studio at times throughout the Drive.   CLICK HERE.

Totals:  $435/month  ($2,500/month goal)
                  $11,068 special ($25,000 goal)


  • Live interview with Manafest earlier this morning  (others are coming up, too)
  • $1,000 matching gift sent us past $11,000
  • Gave away a 15-CD brick a couple hours ago
  • Just gave away a registration to the Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference

Your membership on the 89 Air Team with your monthly pledge is very much needed.  You can be used by God to bring life-changing music to tens of thousands of people every day.  Join over 800 listeners who are members.  We are far from the monthly goal of $2,500, and the Drive ends Friday morning.  Thanks for helping as the Lord leads.