Partnership Drive: Day 3 is Pivotal

DONATE NOW or call 888-541-4343.  It all ends TOMORROW MORNING at 9.

Watch us live from the studio at times throughout the Drive.   CLICK HERE.

Totals:  $720/month  ($2,500/month goal)
                  $13,938 special ($25,000 goal)

This is our final full day of Partnership Drive and we have our sightS set on reaching our goals by the time the final buzzer sounds at 9 am tomorrow. 

Our biggest need now is new members of the 89 Air Team.  Your monthly pledge on the 89 Air Team will have an eternal impact as you help broadcast life-changing Christian music.  You will be personally involved in seeing marriages healed, relationships restored, Christians coming back to Christ, and listeners being equipped for the daily issues of life.  K-LIFE is a lifeline.

Thanks for helping!