Partnership Drive: Day 2 Underway

DONATE NOW or call 888-541-4343.

Watch us live from the studio at times throughout the Drive.   CLICK HERE.

Totals:  $380/month  ($2,500/month goal)
                  $8,448 special ($25,000 goal)

This is Day 2 of Partnership Drive.  It's over this Friday morning at 9 am, so be sure you make your gift or pledge before the final buzzer.  March Madness at K-LIFE means we'll be doing a lot of exciting things during Partnership Drive.  We still haven't given away the iPad 2 from Mac Superstore, and we have a lot of music and concert tickets to hand out.  Francesca Battistelli and other artists will also be calling in. 

Stay tuned and thanks for helping with the needs in financial support.