Partnership Drive Coming: March 29-April 1

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Our Spring Partnership Drive will set in motion the next season of life-change, thanks to the generous support of listeners like you.   More of these things will happen in the months ahead:

--Husbands and wives will reconcile.
--God’s love and forgiveness will become real to those who have strayed from Him.
--Teenagers will surrender their lives to Christ.
--The hurting will find hope.

You know how much the music makes a difference in your life. Imagine what will happen in tens of thousands of lives in the coming months.   To fund the next several months of ministry it will require us to raise $25,000 in special gifts and $2,500/month in new support. That’s our goal during Spring Partnership Drive from March 29-April 1.   If possible, would you consider helping K-LIFE before the start of our Partnership Drive March 29 by responding with a special gift towards the $25,000 need, as God directs?   Thank you for being there for us!