Our Team

KLIFE is a unique radio station

What is our mission?

Our reason for being on the air is simple: “To lead people into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.” It’s a high calling, and one we take seriously. It guides everything we do.

What makes us unique?
  • We play only Christian music. As new releases come out, you’ll hear them on K-LIFE FM
  • When you need a shot in the arm, you can find short teacher-features throughout the day
  • Family is so important to us that we’ve reserved a full hour each day to hear from two of the top family ministries in America
  • You won’t be blasted with a constant stream of commercials, because we’re a non-commercial station
  • We are a community Christian station, so we're connected to your community
What difference do we make in your community?

We’re able to be a local resource for you, providing ministry to you and others. From the Central Coast, through Santa Barbara down to the Ventura-LA County line, we work hard to stay on top of local events and issues so we can keep you informed. That’s hard for a national network to do.

It also means that K-LIFE is supported by the community we serve. Since we are non-commercial, God keeps us on the air through people like you who contribute financially. Our community supporters sometimes include businesses, ministries and churches, but primarily it is individual supporters who provide most of the funds needed for our 24-hour-a-day outreach.

As a Christian station, we want to honor Jesus Christ in all we do.

What beliefs guide us?

We believe that God loves each person in the world so much that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to pay the price for our sin (everything we do or think that is not obedient to God). We believe that after Christ died, He rose again the third day and appeared to many people in Israel, then went up to heaven where He has prepared a place for all those who believe in Him.

Want to know more about Jesus?

We recommend this web site, provided by Campus Crusade for Christ: Who is Jesus? They even have a toll-free number for you to call to ask additional questions. And if you’d like to talk to somebody in your own community about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian, may we invite you to contact one of the many wonderful Bible-believing churches in your area? They’d love to talk with you and help you find honest answers.

Now... meet the team behind K-LIFE