Michael Tait & Duncan Phillips on Kevin Max Singing With Them on Single

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Michael Tait & Duncan Phillips of Newsboys talk about having Kevin Max (formerly of DC Talk) sing with them on the title song, 'God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)'--currently playing on K-LIFE.

Adam Cappa Visits New York City

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Want to know even more about Adam Cappa...travel with him to New York City!  Listen for Adam Cappa's first single on K-LIFE, 'The Rescue'.

What's Up with Dominic Balli's Single 'Louder'?

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View Dominic Balli as he explains the background to the song 'Louder' off his 2011 album American Dream.

Josh Havens of The Afters with Background on their New Single

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View lead vocalist and frontman, Josh Havens describe the inspiration and background  for the latest single of The Afters--'We Won't Give Up'.

View the Official Music Video of Royal Tailor 'Make A Move'

See video Taken from Royal Tailor's official YouTube channel. Make a Move from their brand new CD Black & White

K-LIFE's 48 Hours of Christmas

Hillsong has a Great Christmas Song 'Born Is The King'

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Hillsong contributed a new song to the K-LIFE Christmas playlist this year.  Watch the video for their unique tune 'Born Is The King'! 

View the Official Music Video for Jamie Grace 'Christmas Together'

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Grammy nominated Jamie Grace put out her 'Christmas Together' EP this season.  Take a look at the official video of her title cut including Jamie's family and friends. 

Addsion Road's Latest Song on the Radio 'Won't Let Me Go'--View Video Background

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Jenny Simmons, lead vocalist and front gal for the band Addison Road shares a bit of  background to their latest single ‘Won’t Let Me Go’—God will hold us through it all!  K-LIFE has been featuring this song for several weeks now--the latest contribution from the Addison Road album, 'Stories'.

View 'Deck The Halls' Video from Tenth Avenue North

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Tenth Avenue North contributed a song to this year's WOW Christmas.  Enjoy their take on 'Deck The Halls'.