Troma & Lily the puppy visit the K-LIFE studios June 18!

Troma interviewing about her current single on the K-LIFE playlist, 'Falling Down'!

  • Troma's first K-LIFE interview!
  • Troma in-studio
  • Troma signs the K-LIFE T-shirt
  • Troma signs the surfboard
  • Troma surfs the lobby with 'Lily' & Noonie
  • Troma gets a 'Lily' pooch smooch


Those are great pictures!

Troma's so ministry-minded. Loved this interview.

Troma is awesome, and such an amazing testimony. Plus the production on "Falling Down" is unbelievable - sweet, rich & layered. Hey, I just described a cake! Mmmm...cake...