K-LIFE's 48 Hours of Christmas

Hillsong has a Great Christmas Song 'Born Is The King'

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Hillsong contributed a new song to the K-LIFE Christmas playlist this year.  Watch the video for their unique tune 'Born Is The King'! 

View the Official Music Video for Jamie Grace 'Christmas Together'

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Grammy nominated Jamie Grace put out her 'Christmas Together' EP this season.  Take a look at the official video of her title cut including Jamie's family and friends. 

Addsion Road's Latest Song on the Radio 'Won't Let Me Go'--View Video Background

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Jenny Simmons, lead vocalist and front gal for the band Addison Road shares a bit of  background to their latest single ‘Won’t Let Me Go’—God will hold us through it all!  K-LIFE has been featuring this song for several weeks now--the latest contribution from the Addison Road album, 'Stories'.

View 'Deck The Halls' Video from Tenth Avenue North

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Tenth Avenue North contributed a song to this year's WOW Christmas.  Enjoy their take on 'Deck The Halls'.

Abandon Explains the Background to 'Under Fire'

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San Antonio-based Abandon released its acclaimed sophomore album, Control, last spring from  amidst acclaim and sales that continue 150% ahead of its debut, Searchlights. As momentum continues to build, Abandon’s contemporary sound on the album has gathered three hit radio singles so far, “Feel It In Your Heart,” “Hero” and “SOS,” with a fourth single, “Under Fire,”  More ...

Mat Kearney Soars High: Serenades Passengers on Southwest Airlines

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Mat Kearney, no stranger to packed houses, recently crossed one item off his bucket list – to perform on a full airplane. More ...

Seth Mosley of Me In Motion Explains their Song 'Yes We Can'

View Seth Mosley, frontman for Me In Motion, share the inspiration behind the song 'Yes We Can'.  God says, "Yes!" when the world is telling us we can't.  Click on the picture to hear more. 

Disciple's Kevin Young Explains the Song 'Remedy'

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"A lot of the songs on Horseshoes & Handgrenades share the same theme. This song, like a few others on the album, talks about getting to that place when you realize Christ is your only hope. If you look within yourself, you can try and find the answers, but they just aren't going to be there. More ...

John Cooper of Skillet Shares the Background on their Single 'One Day Too Late'

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“’One Day Too Late’ is a special song on the record in the sense that it’s very introspective and pensive.  It has me thinking about life and what really matters, questioning ‘if I die today, would it matter that I was here?’  It’s about making the most of each moment because tomorrow might be one day too late.” –John Cooper (Skillet)