Vota says "GO!"

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Lead Vocalist, Brian explains the meaning behind the song, "I'll Go!"  Do you have the faith to view the video?

Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave's '90in09' Challenge!

Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave’s Mike Weaver and his “90 in ‘09” weight loss challenge was the subject recently on the nationally syndicated program, The 700 Club.  Since its launch at the beginning of 2009, Weaver has lost 45 lbs through a diet, exercise and mentoring program created by 90in09 support team members.  “Midway through this journey to lose 90 lbs in 2009 I find myself plateaued at 45 lbs down,” says Weaver. “This has been the most trying part of the journey yet. More ...

Mat Kearney Chooses A Unique Venue For His Latest Video!

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'Closer to Love', the debut single from Mat Kearney’s new project, City of Black & White marks his first No. 1 song at Christian radio. View the 'new' tour blog video!

Jars of Clay features the Blood: Water Mission in their new Two Hands Video

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Jars Of Clay recently debuted their new music video from their latest album, 'The Long Fall Back To Earth'. Vocalist Dan Haseltine writes, "Sometimes music videos tell stories. This video tells the story of a band's journey to get our own hands dirty. Someone once defined the role of an artist as the act of looking at the world and describing it...not just as the world is...but as it should be."
This video shows our work in Africa with Blood: Water Mission. More ...

Troma & Lily the puppy visit the K-LIFE studios June 18!

Troma's first K-LIFE interview!

Troma interviewing about her current single on the K-LIFE playlist, 'Falling Down'!

Francesca Battistelli Engaged!

Francesca Battistelli with fiance' Matthew Goodwin

The rumors are true. Recently, Francesca became engaged to Matthew Goodwin (son of Newsong member, Billy Goodwin). Matthew plays percussion for Newsong, and they met on their Fall Tour. Then early this year they were on WinterJam tour together. He proposed to her on Saturday June 6th at Radnor Lake in Nashville. They are looking at a date for the wedding early next year.

The Jonny Diaz song 'More Beautiful You' is changing Lives!

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From a Christian radio listener: More ...

Barlow Girl Plays Acoustic Concert May 24th!

No Middle Ground (and family)

Following their Spirit West Coast Del Mar show, Barlow Girl traveled north for an acoustic set in Paso Robles Memorial Day Weekend.   Opening for Barlow Girl was No Middle Ground!   More ...

Britt Nicole Visits K-LIFE May 11th!

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Check out the video of Brit singing "The Lost Get Found" in the K-LIFE studio!  

From The Runway To The Radio!


New Gotee recording Artist Troma! Her music is driven by something else--her passion for broken people to find themselves and to stop performing for love--to be what God made them to be--unique!
After all, if the 'Lily of the Valley' never toils or spins--then why should we? More ...