The Jonny Diaz song 'More Beautiful You' is changing Lives!

From a Christian radio listener:
Hey Jonny -
For starters, my name is Ellen. I don't think you know how many lives your song "More Beautiful You" has changed. My life just happens to be one of them. My whole life I've been told that I'm not skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, and all of the stuff the world bombards me with every single day. It eventually got to me. I became bulimic and I started cutting myself. Last night I was feeling so upset and so bad about myself and I was listening to the radio station when your song came on and I bursted into tears because that's exactly what I needed to hear. That I was beautiful and that what mattered was inside not outside. I'm perfect enough because God created me in the image of himself. Jonny I can't tell you how awesome this song is. I thank God right now for giving you those lyrics. Thank you so much Jonny.