The Hope Tour with Fireflight*Remedy Drive*Abandon Comes to K-LIFE


The Hope Tour with   Fireflight, Remedy Drive & Abandon just flooded the K-LIFE studios!  


  • Fireflight in front of the K-LIFE banner—from the left—Glenn, Wendy, Phee, Dawn, Justin
  • Remedy Drive at the banner—from the left Paul, noonie, David, Noah (20 month old son of drummer Daniel) and Daniel  ***not pictured is Phillip who was parking the Tour bus
  • Abandon in front of the banner—from the left—Bryan, Stevan, Josh & Justin (who are brothers)  (**Dave the drummer not pictured because he couldn’t fit in the vehicle transporting them…)
  • Fireflight
  • Remedy Drive with Noonie & Noah
  • Abandon