SAMESTATE Lead Vocalist Engaged

Dalton, lead singer of SAMESTATE is engaged!!! Here’s the story Shawna is originally from California so she was on family vacation in San Diego for a week. I was out doing a radio promo tour in the the New York, and New Jersey area. I decided I couldn't just hold this ring in my backpack any longer, so I called her parents and decided I was gonna fly from New Jersey to San Diego and ask her. So sure enough, I hopped on a plane and and flew coast to coast and asked Shawna to marry me on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego! We had a fake family picture set up on the Sunset cliffs and I called her as they were taking the picture and started saying the normal, "I can't wait to marry you, I wish I could ask you now!" and then I said "you know what...how bout you turn around right now and I'll just ask you today!" pretty big surprise seeing that she thought I was in new jersey!....she said yes! It was great to be there and be able to celebrate with her and her family! We have set the date for June 9, 2012 in Denver Colorado where both our parents live! We can't wait! DALTON DIEHL