Rebecca St. James The Actress

 Sarah’s Choice (Pure Flix Entertainment)  is more than a showcase film for Grammy winning Christian singer Rebecca St. James to make her debut as a lead actress in a movie with a strong pro life message.  It’s proving to be a heartwarming addition to the film fare this Christmas season.

  Noted film critic, Greg Wright, in his November 24th review at the popular online review site, Past The Popcorn: “Sarah’s Choice does not play like a generic flick—in fact when the film concluded, I told my wife, ‘This is a movie I think I could look forward to seeing every holiday season.’ A Christmas classic about abortion?  Well, yes!”   CBN.org movie critic, Beth Patch in her online review for the CBN site: “Sarah’s Choice carries a clear pro life message. The film also includes the message of redemption and forgiveness…the value of including this element cannot be understated.”   But most heartwarming to Rebecca is the news that recently reached her that one young woman who viewed Sarah’s Choice has already opted for the decision of life for her unborn baby.   “We’ve prayed that the film will touch hearts and be used as a real tool for ministry to encourage the choice of 'life' for those facing the very realities that the film portrays,” noted St. James in a recent interview. “That was my intent and the intent of everyone involved in the making of this movie.”
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