Hear the Background to Ashes Remain's Single 'Change My Life'

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Following the success of “Everything Good” and "On My Own," Ashes Remain front man Josh Smith shares his heart behind new single “Change My Life”

View An Epic, No Less 'Mercy Light' Video

See video For the ones questioning the theme of the video: "The song’s video by Tennyson S. Tanner tackles the issue of human trafficking. It’s a harrowing visual that reminds us that God’s rescue can be actualized through the church if we don’t just talk about good, but actually do it."

Peter Furler's New Single 'I'm Alive'

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Peter Furler took a band with him and played on the Winter Jam Tour.  Catch the video compilation of their tour experience.  Featured is the song 'I'm Alive' from the album 'On Fire'.

Matt Maher Gives Background to His Single 'Rise Up'

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Matt Maher relates the back drop to his song 'Rise Up'--found on his album'The Love InBetween'.

MercyMe Plays 'I Can Only Imagine' Acoustic Style

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MercyMe is featured  live in Indianapolis playing their classic song, 'I Can Only Imagine' acoustic style.

MIKESCHAIR Frontman, Mike Grayson Gives Background to 'All For You'

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MIKESCHAIR's latest single 'All For You' is currently playing on K-LIFE.  View the lead vocalist and frontman, Mike Grayson as he shares the background to the song.

Take in the Britt Nicole Acoustic Performance

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From her new album 'Gold', take a look at Britt Nicole and the acoustic performance of 'All This Time'.

Matt Maher Weighs in on 'Rise Up'

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Experience Matt Maher sharing about his own struggles and what led to the song, 'Rise Up' his latest single from teh album 'The Love In Between'.

'October Baby' Opens--View The Trailer

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A song by The Afters will be featured in the upcoming feature film OCTOBER BABY.  OCTOBER BABY is an incredible story of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and mercy. Hopefully, you'll be reminded afresh that every life is beautiful! -Josh Havens of The Afters

Third Day's 'Lift Up Your Face' Music Video--Take a Look

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Third Day & Matt Maher swing into Calvary Community Westlake on April 19. {**Go to the contest page to enter-to-win tickets and the Tour CD 2-pack}.  Reconnect with the band as you view the music video for 'Lift Up Your Face' from the 'Move' album.