Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave's '90in09' Challenge!

Big Daddy Weave’s Mike Weaver and his “90 in ‘09” weight loss challenge was the subject recently on the nationally syndicated program, The 700 Club.  Since its launch at the beginning of 2009, Weaver has lost 45 lbs through a diet, exercise and mentoring program created by 90in09 support team members.  “Midway through this journey to lose 90 lbs in 2009 I find myself plateaued at 45 lbs down,” says Weaver. “This has been the most trying part of the journey yet. I've been fighting the discouragement and disappointment of feeling stuck!  “Yet in the middle of the frustration I've been so encouraged by the support of my friends and the voice of God, cheering me on to obedience despite what I see on the scale. I fully believe that I'll reach this year’s goal, but am so glad to learn that weight loss is not nearly as important as simple obedience!”