Jeremy Camp--Singer/Songwriter and now Author


Singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp can add another accolade to his name now: author. The popular BEC Recordings artist has just released his first book, titled I Still Believe, available through his website JeremyCamp.com.    l Still Believe:  Discovering hope and healing in the midst of life’s deepest valleys
  • How will we respond amidst life’s hardest trials?
  • How in the passing of a loved one do we turn our earthly sorrow into heavenly hope?
  • How, when we have no strength to face another day, do we truly lean on the Lord, trust in the power of His word and see that all of His plans towards us are for our good?
Award-winning singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp wrestled with these questions and others from the depths of anguish and encountered a solace that has carried him far beyond easy answers. The testimony of Jeremy and his wife Melissa has touched and inspired thousands.   While that powerful account lies at the heart of I Still Believe, the book delves even further into Jeremy’s life, illuminating:
  •  His humble Indiana childhood in a home filled with desperate faith and a reborn love for God
  • His teenage struggles and a taken-by-surprise spiritual awakening
  •  The West Coast adventures that unveiled God’s calling on his life
  • His love for Melissa and the storybook hopes they shared
  •  How the doors opened for a worldwide music ministry to begin
  • An unexpected friendship with Adrienne that would bring about healing, restoration and a new life together
  •  His heart for ministry and a burning desire to see the next generation become truly alive