Family Force Five Member Hospitalized


Joshua Olds “Fatty” was recently hospitalized due to kidney failure. FF5 frontman (and his brother) Solomon “Soul Glow Activatur” Olds has been tweeting his current condition the last few days. Tuesday (12/1) Morning… They are starting Fatty on dialysis treatments due to kidney failure today. He should receive three of them. Continue prayer for him. Tuesday (12/1) Night… Our FF5 Pageant show Thursday (12/3) in Indianapolis, IN is canceled. Sorry we have to do this guys! Wednesday (12/2) Morning… Fatty is doing a 2nd dialysis treatment today. DR say he’s a tiny bit better:) thank u all 4 ur support but keep sending thoughts & prayers! Wednesday (12/2) Afternoon… My bro’s kidneys r regaining strength but DR r tryin to find the solution. He has an overproductive enzyme that’s causing the prob. Early (12/3) Morning… Fatty’s weird enzyme numbers are coming down!! It’s a good thing! The crew & the band r here & he looks happier & better. I love him!! Please don’t stop praying for him, Please keep Fatty, the Olds family and the Family Force 5 tour family in your prayers.  (stereotruth.net)


wow, i havent heard of this!! i will keep Him in my prayers for sure!