Bebo Rolls Out Studio Album Number Seven


On the heels of his 2010 Dove Award, Bebo Norman has just finished his seventh studio project with award-winning producer Jason Ingram. Bebo Norman will release his album, Ocean, on September 28th on BEC Recordings marking his second studio release with the label.  Fans can go to his Facebook page to hear the first single or listen for it on K-LIFE.   “Being in the studio and writing songs hands down is why I play music,” Bebo shared while in the studio. “It’s not that I don’t love playing shows in their own right and being in front of people, but if I were to make a list of why I play music, writing and being in the studio would be at the top.”      The debut radio single “Here Goes” was co-written with Brandon Heath, based on conversations they’d had over the years. It is a song about stepping into the difficult with the determined trust that there is indeed a God who is completely in control and completely good.   “Each of us stands on the precipice of extremely difficult decisions many times over in our lives…from the moment we first step into faith in Christ we are called to trust in something larger than ourselves,” Bebo explains. “‘Here Goes’ does nothing more than claim that scripture as truth and sing it out as a proclamation of the goodness of God as we stand on the edge of difficult decisions.”


That is awesome really! Oh! And he worked with Jason Ingram? That is going to be fantastic! I am going to get one of this . I have not heard all of them but some tracks on it are really good and I really liked it honestly. Whether he play his music infront on many people or just in a studio, his music will still be the same fantastic music ever. He makes music more inspirational and felt by those who listens to it and that what his talent is.