Addison Road Struggles & Victories

Update from Addison Road

We wanted to give each of you a brief update on our current situation:

Ryan, Anniston, and I are completely taken care of. Moms literally showed up at the shows in Las Vegas and Paso Robles California with their babies own clothes for us to have. Likewise, people have given Ryan and I their brand new jeans, shoes, and other things from around the house and dear friends in Las Vegas brought us shopping to replace everything we needed! Family, friends, and loyal blog readers have stepped in to provide for us financially and we have recovered or have the money to recover every single thing that we lost. So, as for the Simmons family, it feels like Christmas over here!

Because of the amazing Christian radio stations across the country, facebook, and twitter the band has been able to get out our story to thousands and have been blessed with so many donations! This blows our mind. Thank you for trusting us with your money and believing in our ministry.

From www.addisonroad.com

"Well, thankfully no one was hurt, but the RV we were using for the tour we just started with Sanctus Real caught fire while driving and burned to the ground. Our trailer was connected and we lost all our merchandise. Ryan and Jenny had all of their clothes and all of Anniston’s clothes and toys burned. We also lost guitars and some other equipment.