Seventh Day Slumber Inside Out Tour Arrives Soon

Mar 7th, the Oxnard Performing Arts Center will be host to the ‘Inside Out Tour’—complete with 5 bands including headliner,Seventh Day Slumber, DecembeRadio, Dominic Balli. Turn up the listening skills as this week you’ll have the chance to win either a pair of tickets or a CD 3-pack! 

3-pack includes:

 **Seventh Day Slumber--Take Everything

** DecembeRadio—Satisfied

** Dominic Balli—Public Announcement  

  • DecembeRadio
  • Seventh Day Slumber
  • Dominic Balli


looking foward to the 7th!

hey seventh day slumber ,how have you been lately i just got out of the hospital on for pnemonia and JESUS i am very thankful for and all the prayers that went out for me i feel blessed by GOD hopefully i could win i would really appreicate anything i would win thanks carrie lavars