Kutless 'It Is Well' CD Releases This Week


Kutless releases ‘It Is Well’ this week—their 2nd worship oriented album. You have an opportunity to win a copy by entering this e-mail contest.  Simply respond to the statement: What worship means to me… DJ's will be drawing from the e-mail entries for 15 CD winners….and since the band is from Portland where they love their coffee…one winner will also receive a new Espresso Maker!     **Mike Phillips will pick winner on 10/26 at 7:20am! **Be sure to include your name, mailing address & phone on your e-mail
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Worshipping God is what happens when the music is silent and you're all alone in His presence by grace. Step into the throne room through your faith in Jesus Christ - and worship God!

True Worship is the path in which I walk with Jesus, It's constant recognition of His presence in every step, in every breath. My actions, my words saturated in the Holy Spirit. Grateful to be chosen by the King of kings and Lord of lords.

worship is giving to GOD all we have in music, faith,listening for the still small voice of God.

Worship to me comes in each breath. Worship is who we are... it has nothing to do with great music, it has to do with the choices we make to represent this truly awesome man who saved us from ourselves. Worship is going out into the world and being Christians and letting people see Gods heart through this people. Letting people see that beautiful heart of Christ...
I think that its a attitude of complete humbleness and love... that is what worship is...
All that being said... I adore great music dedicated to the Lord... it feeds me when the world encroaches almost as much as my bible!