Enter-To-Win & Reserve a Copy of the New Album from Owl City

Owl City takes off with a new album, ‘The Midsummer Station’ this month! Enter-to-win & reserve a copy! **Expires @ midnight on 8/12 **Winners announced on 8/14 @ 7:45am

A personal note from Owl City's, Adam Young:

My name is Adam Young and I make music in the electro-pop project known as Owl City. First off, thank you so much for your incredible support last year. As a listener of Christian radio myself, it was a real honor to be accepted by the Christian format.

After four years of writing music, making records, meeting new people and performing live around the world, my relationship with God is still what gets me out of bed in the morning. People ask me if the amount of success I've had has negatively changed me or opened doors for temptation, and although there is always room for error just like anybody at any point in life, my journey has only made me stronger as an artist and as a person of faith. I want to devoutly BELIEVE what I believe in and often those who have great testimonies are those who have been truly tested. The ups and the downs are what mold people into who they are in life, and for me, my relationship with the Lord has always been my strength and light when the world seems at its darkest. God has called me to do what I do and create the music I create so that I may shed a bit of light into the world and perhaps paint a picture of His unfailing love.

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***One entry per person and one entry per family

***Only eligible to win one time per 30 day period

***K-LIFE Staff, family members of staff or members of the Board of Directors are not eligible

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