Lifewater - Walk SLO for Water-March 22

K-LIFE FM is a proud sponsor of Lifewater International’s Walk SLO for Water. More than 1,800 children die every day of preventable water-borne diseases but we can all be a part of changing this. Walk SLO for Water is a one-day event with Lifewater International to raise awareness about access to safe water around the world AND to bring 2,500 Ugandan people safe water, sanitation, and hygiene for their lifetime.

Here’s how you can get involved. First sign up to walk at lifewater.org/Walk-SLO and then encourage family and friends to walk with you. Walk SLO for Water is March 22nd starting at Mission San Luis Obispo. There’s more info on the walk including how to share your involvement and get others involved at http://www.lifewater.org/Walk-SLO. Just a $40 donation to the walk will provide a person in Uganda water for their lifetime. When you walk for them for a day, you give them water for life